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De reclame wordt alleen getoond aan bezoekers, niet aan gebruikers die inloggen.

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In WieWasWie there is a VOC document regarding Jan Storij which I don't quite understand. Could some one please explain it to me?

Jan Storij     Amsterdam     1/1/1717

Thank you so much in advance and regards Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

Hi Kitty,

Jan Storij from Christiania, which is now Oslo, Norway, left as a sailor for the VOC, on Tue, May 18, 1717 on the ship named Meeroog.

He arrived on the Cape (of Good Hope) on Tue, Nov 9, 1717 and left there on Mon, Jan 3 1718.

He arrived in Batavia (now Djakarta, Indonesia) on Thu, Apr 14, 1718.

In 1725 his contract expired and he returned to the Netherlands on the ship named Stad Leiden, VOC charter Amsterdam.

There was no maandbrief (max. 3 months salary/year payable to first degree family members), there was a schuldbrief (expenses on board ship or loan/advance).

BTW, here's more info on his last trip.

Ronald Hellenbrand

Wow, thank you so much!!! Very much appreciated. Kind regards Kitty

Kitty Morris

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