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Need help to locate the baptism and parents of Christianus (Christiaan) Boers, born possibly about 1747.  He was buried on 3 December 1795 at Deventer.  He married at Deventer, on 21 August 1768 to Engberdina Albers. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Steve Barnhoorn

Hallo Steve,

So far all I have found are two of his children, Joanna Maria Boers, died aged 76, partner Jan Dirk Brons, Father Christiaan Boers, Mother Egberdina Albers.Died 3 rd March 1845 Deventer.

Gardiena Boers, died aged 63, partner Stephanus Hof, died 19 th November 1834 Deventer.



Ina van Geemen


Steve Barnhoorn

Did you find his baptism and his parents in the last two years?


Ina van Geemen

Unfortunately, I have not.  That's why I "bumped" this back up to see if someone might have stumbled across it in their genealogical travels.  Thanks for asking.

Steve Barnhoorn

I looked through the baptism from 1736 to 1750 in Deventer but found nothing. Did fnd his marriage, but you already have that?

( i looked at the Roman C. baptism beacuse i saw his children were baptized R.C.) will look at  the others.)

Ina van Geemen

Yes, I have the record:  On 21 Aug 1768 Christianus Boers married Engberdina ALBERS, in Deventer, Overijssel, Netherlands.

Steve Barnhoorn

Yes, saw that. two years ago i found two children but saw somewhere this morningn that he had four? Do you have their names? Otherwise I will look again for them.

Ina van Geemen

I have the baptisms of their children.  Thanks for the offer, though.

Steve Barnhoorn

OK. and a Merry Christmas. ( In Holland,  Prettige Kerst ).

Ina van Geemen

I have some information about a Christianus Boers also from Deventer and he must have died 1795/1796. This is the information I have:

He married in Colmschate (near Deventer) 22-08-1795 with Willemina Klinkert. He was widower from Grada Jansen. (He must have died soon after this marriage because his widow Willemina remarries in august 1796). 

At the Roman Catholic church they mentioned his parents names:
Conradus Boers and Maria Driessen

At the notice of marriage they mentioned his birthplace, "Heelde". Later I discovered this must be Heerlen in Limburg.

His parents (Johannes Conradus Boer/Bauwens and Maria Driessen) married in Heerlen at 24-10-1728 and there was born a Joannes Christianus in Heerlen (RC baptized 25-11-1742)

I don't know if this Christianus is the same as the one you are looking for.

I saw that one of the godparents of the children of your Christianus was a Petrus Boer. My Christianus had a brother Petrus, baptized in Heerlen at 03-06-1746. I haven't found the marriage of Christianus with Grada Jansen, so I don't know if he was married before with Engberdina Albers.



I think if this is the same Christianus Boer that Steve Baarnhoorn is looking for he must have married Engberdina Albers first because in his marriage it mentions him as Christiaan Boers J.M. ( Jongen Man )  ( Young Man  )means he was not married before.


Ina van Geemen

This sure looks like my ancestor. Thanks for turning him up.

First marriage from 1768:

Steve Barnhoorn

Carolina:  What other info do you have on your Christiannus Boers?  Unsure who this Grada Jansen is?

Steve Barnhoorn

This is all the information I have at the moment. I don't have any information about Grada Jansen. Her name is only mentioned in 1795 when Christiaan remarries.


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