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De reclame wordt alleen getoond aan bezoekers, niet aan gebruikers die inloggen.

I desperately need some help. I am researching the Bender family tree and getting nowhere fast!! All that I have at this stage is: Johanna Catriena Bender married Frans (Rijkse) Paling on  24 December 1775 in Woerden.  Utrecht, Nederlands Hervormd scan 597. 

Unfortunately I can't/read understand the scan. Is she from The Hague??? Any help would be SO MUCH appreciated! 

Many thanks in advance. 

Kitty Morris

It says:

Frans Paling, j.m. van

Woerden en Johanna Catriena

Bender, j.d van Poutspak

onder Hessen-Darmstad, tans

beyde woonende 

in 's Haage zijn onder-

trouwt den 17 decemb(er) 1775

Er is aen haar gegeven haar

attestatie om te 's Haage

of elders te mogen trouwen

den 24 december 1775.

[Frans Paling, (previously unmarried) young man from Woerden, and Catriena Johanna Bender, (previously unmarried) young woman from 'Poutspak' in Hessen-Darmstadt, currently both living in The Hague, gave notice of their marriage on the 17th of December 1775. They were given a certificate of attestation to be married in The Hague or elsewhere on the 24th of December 1775.],345847901,347478701

i.e. she was from 'Poutspak' in Hessen-Darmstadt.

[emendation 18:28; Pontspak>Poutspak]

Kasper Ludeman

deleted; wrong bet.

Jan Clavaux

That seems too dissimilar. Pretty much only the initial P matches there.

I think the placename will end in -bach.

Kasper Ludeman

Everardus Rollema

Jan Clavaux

Indeed, the only place which seems to somewhat match Pontspak phonetically is Butzbach. In fact, it might be that the entry says Poutspak instead of Pontspak.

At least Putzbach or Putzpach is a fairly regular variant of Butzbach, and Butzbach was part of Hessen-Darmstadt at the time.

Kasper Ludeman

Looking for this marriage in The Hague I came across another marriage of possibly her sister (or other relative):

"Den 31 december 1775 Johan Theodorus Scheeffer, j.m. geb. te Essen, gewoond hebbende te Haarlem, en nu te Amsterdam, met Johannetta Christina Bender, j.d. geb. te Boetsbach in het Hessen-Damse, en wonende alhier."

Notice of the same marriage given in Amsterdam:,382015502,382293701

Kasper Ludeman

Everardus Rollema

Ah, so, there it's Poutsbach:

(Den 10e december 1775)

"Frans Paling, j.m. geb. en wonende te Woerden, met Johanna Catharina Benden, j.d. geb. te Poutsbach, onder Hessen-Darmstad, woonende alhier."

[Frans Paling, young man born and living in Woerden, with Johanna Catharina Benden, young woman, born in Butzbach in Hessen-Darmstadt, living here.]

I'm emending the reading of the entry recorded in Woerden to Poutspak.

Kasper Ludeman

Zie: "Google" via: "Bender" Butzbach - er wonen personen met de achternaam Bender in Butzbach.


Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me. I really so appreciate it. THANK YOU!!

Kitty Morris

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