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hello everyone

am trying to find the connection between my tree and a 5th-8th cousin DNA match -

his tree has Engeltje van der Wal (b 1723 - Nieuwaal) m Jan Keppel (b 1716) 

there is also the van Oijen line in his tree (from Tricht area)


my tree has Peterke van der Wal (b 1773) - her father Arie van der Wal (1738-1812) m to Anna Schilders (b 1744) 

the father of Arie van der Wal was Cornelis van der Wal (b 1707 Vuren, Zaltbommel)

can anyone help?

many thanks


vera holmes (nee Houtgraaf)

A 5th-8th cousin DNA match means, that you have a common ancestor, who was born somewhere in the 19th or 20th century (depending on your and his birth year).
So with this Engeltje van der Wal you are definitely on the wrong track.

Jan Clavaux

hi Jan - thanks for your response

according to Ancestry's "5th cousin" match diagram - we are likely to be 12 degrees apart 

I was born in 1954, but he was born in 1986  - one generation gap

the only common name we have found so far is van der Wal -

he has Engeltje van der Wal (b 1723) in his tree  m to Jan Keppel - he also has van Oijen in his tree (I haven't, so far...)

I have Peterke van der Wal (b 1773) and Pietje van der Wal (b 1830 Herwijnen) who m Jan Gerritse Kruijs (b 1822 Herwijnen)

however still have to find our common ancestor - perhaps in Pietje van der Wal's line

I have noticed that some of his ancestors - van Oijen - were living in the same area as my van der Wal ancestors 

By the way: -

had a "3rd cousin" DNA match who turns out to be 2nd cousin (1x removed) - she was born in 1927

had a "4th cousin" DNA match who turns out to be a 3rd cousin in my tree - she was born in 1955

and a '4th cousin" DNA match who turns out to be a 3rd cousin too - she is about my age 


vera holmes (nee Houtgraaf)

Jan, with a 5th cousin one shares 2/64 ancestors, with an 8th cousin 2/512 ancestors, so 18th century is very well possible.
(5th cousin is 12e graad, not 5e graad).

1st cousin (full), same grandparents, 2/4 ancestors.
2nd cousin, same ggrandparents, 2/8 ancestors.
3d cousin, same gg-grandparents, 2/16 ancestors.

I do have the Van de Wal family from Nieuwaal in my tree, though I don't know these names.
If you and that person have more ancestors from that geographic area "between the rivers", you have to keep in mind that these people were related to each other in numerous ways.


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