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Joannes Koopman, born 1778, Married to Marta Brunselaar born 1778 and died Jan. 3, 1810 in Amsterdam. Three children, Anna Elisabeth (1801) Catharina (1802) and Joannes (1807) That's all I have been able to find. Does anyone have additional information, especially parents for both Joannes and Marta?

Harald Petersen

Prior to that they lived in Santpoort where the following children were registered:

  • Cornelia, bapt. r.cath. Velsen 19 February 1796, parents Jan Koopman and Martha Brunselaar, witnesses Cornelis Mijer, Bartha Brunselaar [link]
  • Hendrik, bapt. r.cath. Velsen 30 August 1797, parents Jan Koopman and Matje Brunselaar, witnesses Henricus Schilling, Jannitje Hesseling
  • Anna Elisabeth, bapt. r.cath. Velsen 14 May 1799, parents Jan Koopman and Marta Brunselaar, witnesses Jan Brunselaar, Elizabeth Hesselink

Their marriage was registered here as well on April 18th 1795 [link] where it is mentioned that they both lived there.

JP Ouweltjes

marriage supplements   Jan de Ridder Catharina Koopman

Joannes (Jan) died 03-07-1813 Den Helder   x  Martha Brunselaar housewife van Jan Koopman is to bury 13-01-1810 Amsterdam

Jan is Born (change not Slaten)  Laten in Departement de Lippe look for his dead certificate  

   Jan Koopman   death certificate  03-07-1813 Den Helder, (added)  last lived in Amsterdam


Martha Brunselaar witnessed the marriage between Marcelis van Kessel and IJda van der Linden on October 30th 1791 in Velsen [link]

JP Ouweltjes

In Amsterdam, Jan Koopman and Marta Brunselaar owned a "tapperswinkel" (liquor store) in the year 1801 [link].

JP Ouweltjes

The village of Brunslar is not far from Kassel, Germany.

JP Ouweltjes

@Elisabeth: I read Laten, not Slaten, as the place of birth. No idea yet where this was exactly in the Department of Lippe.

JP Ouweltjes

I suspect the place is now called Lathen.

JP Ouweltjes

thanks for the information

Harald Petersen

All helpful information, however I still cannot find any information about either of their parents. Still hoping someone can help

Harald Petersen

Dear Harald, Jan Koopman came from Lathen in Germany. Searching in parish records in Germany is not that easy. In order to get further directions on how to approach that, I suggest to post a new question in the Duitsland subforum on Stamboomforum. 

The name Brunselaar (Brunsler, Brunselar, Bruinselaar, Brunselaer, Bronselaar, etc) is also clearly of German origin, as the family name refers to the village of Bronslar. The name pops up at different places in the Netherlands [link] but none of those appears to be linked to Martha nor Bartha (suspectedly a sister of Martha). You might be lucky by setting up an extensive search but it is not simple.

Hope this helped.

JP Ouweltjes

Brunselaar/op de Brunsel/Brunselman is also a name in Raalte (Overijssel). 

In 1758 married Joannes Brunselaar with Elisabeth Hesselink.

They have a child Marta and Bertha, baptized R.C. in Raalte 19-12-1769 and 12-04-1759

marriage R.C.: 

03-05-1758 Joannes Brunselaar
Elisabetha Hesselings
Testibus Anna Catharina Kok et Elisabeth Rixmans - Raalte

baptism R.C.:

19-12-1769 d: Martha v: Joannes Brunselaar
m: Elisabetha Hesseling
g: Phenenna matre matris - Raalte

12-04-1759 d: Bertha v: Joannes Bunselaar
m: Elisabetha Hesselings
g: Bertha, sorore matris, cujus loco Fennigje Jansen - Raalte


I think you found Martha, Carolina. Nice job!

JP Ouweltjes

Thanks for all your help, especially the information from Carolina. As per JP Ouweltjes suggestion, I have placed an inquiry re Jan Koopman in the German forum

Harald Petersen

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