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De reclame wordt alleen getoond aan bezoekers, niet aan gebruikers die inloggen.

Your automatic addition or Source verifications on my Warder Family Tree is fine, except in two cases. Please correct them, or let me know how to do that myself. Your Ancestry links do not work.

1) Richard Graye Source is empty. It should be: FAG 153972502, and Ancestry UK and Ireland FAG Index, 1300s -Current.

2) William Butler Gray (William Gray) Source is empty. It should be: Historical Southern Families, Thomas Gray, Ancient Planter or Surry County Virginia and Descendants page 82. Also: Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1656-1692 GRAY, WILLIAM, July 20, 1673; September 3, 1673.

Thank you!

Gordon Gray Warder

I corrected my entry, and you corrected the Source of both ancestors.  Thank you much for your help.  I want to wish you all a prosperous and happy New Year!


Gordon Gray Warder

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