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I must be missing something.  I have several publications in which I have set a gateway and have provided access to the private parts of my publications to family members.  I have also provided access for myself.

When I do a search for a name, eg. myself, the system does not find it even though I am in the publication and I have access to the private parts.

If I then find someone else, say my father, I can go to the family tree and either it tells me that information about myself is private and I need to log in to see that information (I do that and I then see my record), or it actually shows me my record without requiring me to login again.  So why doesn't my name come up in a search when I have permission to access that part of the family tree?  What am I missing?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Robbert Jasperse

Hello Robbert, we are aware of this issue. I 'll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Yolanda Lippens

Robert, you should check your acces gate settings.

Management - manage publication - Setup acces gate.

You should choose an option where the 'non-public information' is set to 'invitees'. If it is set to 'no one' then that includes you as the administrator.


Thank you Carmen.  My settings are all set up for invitees to view non public information.  That's why I asked my question.  I still cannot even locate myself using the search engine.  That doesn't help at all when invitees cannot locate non public information using the search engine after they have logged in.


Robbert Jasperse

This problem is solved now. You should be able to see your family when you are logged in.

Yolanda Lippens

Hello Yolanda,

Thank you for getting back to me on the logging in issue.  I still have one question that's related to this.

When I sign on to and do a search for non public persons, I still get no results.  I only get results if I go to the specific family tree and do the search.  Is this the way the system is meant to work?

Appreciate your input.


Robbert Jasperse

Hi Robbert,

When I search in my publication I can find myself and others who are still alive. Can you please try it again?

Yolanda Lippens

Hi Yolanda,

Yes, I can find myself in my publications, but that's not what I was asking about.  I believe that someone looking for an ancestor (alive or not), should be able to find that person in the generic search engine.  For example, if I go the, sign in as a member, and do a search for my name, it does not appear.  It only appears if I know which family tree my name appears in and if I have access to that information.  

Since I am a member, have access to the information, etc. I should be able to do a search from the "Zoeken" level and find my name in my publication.

Does that make sense?  Am I missing something in my logic?  I would love to figure this out even if it's me that's the problem:).



Robbert Jasperse

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