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I think this person may have located the baptism of a distant ancestor of mine, Trijntje Pieters Stam who married Jan Jansz Moerbuijck on 4 April 1734 in Beemster. See here:

According to this baptismal entry of 8 February 1704 in Monnickendam (see here, Trijntje Pieters Stam was the daughter of Pieter Sijmonsz Stam en Maritje Dircks van Poelenburg.  Pieter and Maritje were married on 12 August 1703, also at Monnickendam (see here:

Their marriage proclaimation of 28 March 1703 Pieter Sijmonsz Stam, with guardian Harmen Jansz Donker Purmer Maritje Dircks van Poelenburg, with father Dirck Pietersz van Poelenburg (see here: :3QS7-89QV-1QGT?i=251&cc=2037985&cat=353186)

So far, I haven't been able to locate any siblings for Trijntje.  In addition, her father, Pieter Sijmonsz Stam, may be the same "Pieter Sijmonsz Stam, vader Sijmon Stam and Annetje Dircks, vooght Pieter Jacobsz Alderbest," named in a marriage proclaimation on 15 January 1695 at Monnickendam (see here:

The troubling aspect, when you compare the two marriage proclamations, Pieter Sijmonsz Stam is not styled as a widower in 1703 and he was accompanied by a guardian, not his father.  Could the detail that Pieter was a widower was overlooked?  Unfortunately, I haven't located a burial for Annetje Dircks which conceivably would have occurred between 1695 through 1703.

I was able to locate a potential brother to Pieter.  This marriage proclaimation show the following: 1 February 1698 Claas Sijmonsz Stam, vader Sijmon Stam and Trijntje Jans, vader Jan Jacobsz Purmer.

The burial imposts for Monnickendam contained these entries:

20-06-1767 Pieter Stam
23-01-1767 Maritje Dirks de Purmer betaald 3,-

So far, this is all I have on Trijntje Pieters Stam's family.  

In closing, I would welcome any feedback or assistance.  I want to make sure I am not falling down into the rabbit hole.



Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 20 jul 2021 — 23:22

Hi Steve, something to be aware of is that these people likely lived in the polder De Purmer, which did not have a church. As a result, you may find registrations in surrounding parishes, such as Monnickendam, but also Ilpendam, Purmerend, etc. Harmen Jansz Donker, for example, had his children baptised in Ilpendam. I can also imagine that, as they were only loosely connected to the parishes they went to, registration mistakes were more easily made. 

Note that in your message, where you suggest that people carry the surname Purmer, this actually refers to the place where these people lived.

JP Ouweltjes - 21 jul 2021 — 09:57 (laatst bijgewerkt 21 jul 2021 — 10:17 door auteur)

Once you were married (even if you were afterwards widowed) you were of age and would not normally have (or need) a guardian. Unless, perhaps, the 'voogd' was not yours but represented your minor children.

I think the name Stam was fairly common in that part of the country -- there could easily have been more people with the same name.

Petra - 21 jul 2021 — 10:09

Possible source of info: Aanwezige akten van Monnickendam (DTB) (

Another potential brother could be Cornelis Sijmensz Stam,  marr. Neeltje Dirks Roos died 1715.

Their daughter :  Maartje Cornelis Stam born Monnickendam 16 feb 1710, died 26 mei 1779

Kind regards



P.S. aantal naamdragers per gemeente in 2007 in Nederland

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A.J.Dekker - 21 jul 2021 — 11:30

Thanks for the response to my post.  I greatly appreciate the feedback and insightful comments.  Concerning Maritje Dircks van Poelenburg, daughter of Dirck Pietersz van Poelenburg, I came across this potential baptismal entry of a Maritje Dirks, daughter of Dirk Pieterse and Guertje Willems, recorded on 16 January 1680 in Purmerend (RK).  Unsure if this is the same person as the Maritje Dircks van Poelenburg who married Pieter Sijmonsz Stam in 1703, but chronically speaking, Maritje would have been about 23 years old when she married Pieter.  Obviously, I will need more information to either confirm or refute this one. (See here:

Clue update:  about Maritje Dircks van Poelenburg, daughter of Dirck Pietersz van Poelenburg, possibly being the same person who was baptised 16 January 1680 in Purmerend (RK) to Dirk Pieterse and Guertje Willems.  In June 1682, Trijntje Dircks was also baptized at Purmerend (RK), daughter of Dirk Pieterse and Guertje Willems.  (see here:  On 8 February 1704, Trinjtje Dirx witnessed the baptism to presumably her niece (and the mother's sister), Trijntje Pieters Stam (see here:  

Lastly, and I found this pedigree online which provides an overview of Dirck Pieterse and Guertje Willems: see here:

Further research into this family shows the following:

Verkoper: Teunis Koopman gehuwd met Trijntje Dirks Clement uit de Beemster; Cornelis Jansz Dekker gehuwd met Aaghje Dirks Clement: Guertje Dirks Clement; Krijn Maartensz Louw en Dirk Sijmonsz Nooms als voogden over de kinderen van Pieter Stam. Samen erfgenamen van Guertje Willems, weduwe van Dirk Clement te Ilpendam overleden. Koper: Wijffje Jans, weduwe van Jacob Pouwelsz uit Purmerland.

Looking forward to receiving helpful comments and feedback.


Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 21 jul 2021 — 18:04 (laatst bijgewerkt 21 jul 2021 — 19:53 door auteur)

Another piece to this family puzzle.  On 6 December 1781, Trijntje Pieters Schenk was baptized at de Beemster to Pieter Jansz Schenk and Elisabeth Lammertse Sinteni.  The witness was "Katarina" Stam, her grandmother.  Pieter Jansz Schenk was the son of Jan Jansz Moerbuijk and Trijntje Pieters Stam (Pieter was also baptized at de Beemster on 21 June 1738).

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 21 jul 2021 — 20:52 (laatst bijgewerkt 22 jul 2021 — 01:42 door auteur)

Bump.  Any thoughts on what I have presented?

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 25 jul 2021 — 21:11

You are rigth on top of things, Steve. 

Keep going!

A.J.Dekker - 25 jul 2021 — 23:52

Hi A.J.:

From your post of 21 July, I found these links concerning Cornelis Sijmensz Stam: and

In addition, we can say with certainty that Cornelis was Pieter's brother:

Klapper Monnickendam DTB 7-10, 16a, 21b, 23-33, 34-48 - Trouwen alle gezindten 1587-1785

15-01-1707 Cornelis Sijmonsz Stam, met broeder Pieter Sijmonsz Stam Purmer Neeltje Dircks Roos, met stiefvader Claas Jorisz



Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 26 jul 2021 — 20:25 (laatst bijgewerkt 26 jul 2021 — 21:24 door auteur)

Hi Steve, I checked the link that you provided in the above post. The witnesses present during the baptisms of their children do not seem to be related, and so don't provide clear hints about older generations of the Stam family. I would therefore like to suggest to have a look at the notarial records of Monnickendam (here), to which jurisdiction the part of the Purmer belonged where Cornelis Sijmonsz Stam and his wife, and likely also his brother Pieter and his wife lived.

A random page that I clicked directly proved that people from the Purmer are mentioned in these books, see here.

Other secondary sources appear to be less accessible on the internet, see here.

JP Ouweltjes - 26 jul 2021 — 21:36 (laatst bijgewerkt 26 jul 2021 — 21:38 door auteur)

Hi JP:

Thanks for the suggestion.  About a week ago, I took an initial look through the notarial records, and so far, nothing turned up.   One thing that captured my attention was Sijmen Stam, father to Pieter and Cornelis Stam.  According to the compiler, Sijmen Stam was buried on 31 March 1703 in Monnickendam, Noord-Holland, Nederland.  So far, I have found no entry in the Monnickendam begraven registers for 1703 for Sijmen Stam.  Moreover, if you may recall from my July 20 post, I presented two marriage proclamations for Pieter Sijmonsz Stam (1695 and 1703).  The first one showed Pieter's father was a witness but on 28 March 1703, a guardian was his witness.  The 31 March 1703 burial date for Sijmen Stam, occurring a few days after Pieter's marriage proclamation may explain his father's absence as he was dying.  See update below.

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 26 jul 2021 — 22:40 (laatst bijgewerkt 26 jul 2021 — 23:33 door auteur)

Turns out, Sijmon Stam was buried on 31 January, not March, 1703:

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 26 jul 2021 — 23:32

Well, I certainly appreciated everyone's insights on this puzzle, but I think Trintje's origins are far from being solved.  Please see the burial entry for 12 July 1704 "Pieter Stams kint,"

Unless someone can prove me wrong, this would match up with the Trijntje Pieters Stam who was baptized on 8 February 1704.  It looks like she only survived 5 months, 4 days.

Back to the drawing board.

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 27 jul 2021 — 00:15

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