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My wife and myself are both Starting Points, but I cannot access either record.

Bruce Peters - 23 okt 2023 - 09:25

Hi Bruce, I see what you mean, at

you're not visible. Your name isn't visible at

either. Maybe data about yourselve are not published because you're alive? Please check Publication Management, Publicity of Persons. Move both your  and your wives name to the right, and click Update Publication. 

You'll find more about privacy at

Pauline Berens EBBI - 23 okt 2023 - 12:40 (laatst bijgewerkt 23 okt 2023 — 12:43 door auteur)

Hi Bruce, is your problem solved or do you need more help? The Bruce-Stanley-Peters link links to

It shows a page-not-found error, so I guess you didn't try the solution I suggested yet. Can you please try the solution I suggested?

Afbeeldingen zijn alleen zichtbaar als u bent ingelogd op het Stamboom Forum

Pauline Berens EBBI - 23 nov 2023 - 16:36 (laatst bijgewerkt 23 nov 2023 — 16:43 door auteur)

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