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Een cursus Latijn uit 1844, nog prima bruikbaar in 2016.

De reclame wordt alleen getoond aan bezoekers, niet aan gebruikers die inloggen.


IT is admitted beyond all question, and every-day
experience bears testimony to the fact, that the classic
languages of Greece and Rome have become a most
essential – the chief ingredient in the education of a
gentleman.   Not that he will make use of these
tongues in the intercourse of his after-life; but be-
cause the mere learning of these languages has been
found to be the best discipline for bringing out the
various faculties of the youthful mind, – the simplest
and surest method of awakening and maturing those
intellectual powers which give rank and character to
the future man. Beyond this, the acquaintance that he
derives with those master-works of mind and action,
so admirably and so strikingly pourtrayed in Grecian
and Roman literature, cannot fail to stamp upon his
mind such images of the noble and the grand, as will
exercise a high and exalted influence over the inward
feelings of the heart, and the outward bearing of his
growing years. Every attempt, therefore, to facilitate
the acquirement of either of these languages, cannot
but in some degree be welcome; but how far satisfac-
tory, experience and an indulgent public can alone
determine. – Now to the work before us.


Bedankt voor deze link.Dit is precies wat ik al tijden zocht!

Rick de Koster

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