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I am looking for Any information on my relatives :

Johan Barend Louis 14/09/1872 Surabay x Sinem ( Mary ) 1874 + Yogyakarta 03/0/1971 Hague

Their son William Alexander Louis 11/09/189 Palembang x Matilda Bernadine Coorengel 04/10/1901 Cheribon ( or sister Evelina Quirine Coorengel s'Gravenhage .

The family Lived in Batavia Until just after the war .

Thank you


Elly Kidd

I have not found additional information .

Can you confirm that after the war the family Louis/Coorengel leaved Ned Indien and gone back to the Netherlands? If they came back yo can order a so-called -persoonskaart-  by CBG.

(, on the homepage choose left column research and then personal records).

I could not find the birth of Willem Alexander Louis.

I found the dates you already published

14-09-1872 Soerabaja birth Johan Barend Louis

21-08-1907 Koeta Radja marriage of Johan Barend Louis with Sinein (baptised name Maria)

04-10-1901 Cheribon Mathilda Bernardine Coorengel

06-05-1922 Weltevreden marriage of Willem Alexander Louis with Mathilda Bernardina Coorengel.

Was Victor Alexander Louis a brother of Willem Alexander? He died during the war.



Ben Wegman

Eveline Querine Coorengel was born Semarang 03-04-1900. She was married with Johan Burgerhout (Rotterdam 02-11-1895). The family had two children a girl and a boy.




Ben Wegman


Johan Burgerhout died ,as prisoner of war, on 09-Feb-1943 in the Kamioka-camp, Osaka, Japan.

Bye, Jan

Jan de Wolf

Eveline Coorengel and her 2 children departed 16-Mar-1946 Singapore on the Nieuw Amsterdam and arrived 10-Apr-1946 in Rotterdam. ( Source : Botenlijst Ned. Ind.-H. v. Oosten )

Bye Jan

Jan de Wolf

Jan de Wolf

Dear Ben

Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry for the delayed reply I have been away.  I will print off all the replies when I get to the office tomorrw - then I will be away until 9 October.

Opa had a brother called Victor Alexander Louis and sister Johanna Jeannette Louis (Wetters) (Tweisel) and she lived in  s'Gravenhage) andthere were other brothers and sisters. 

We lived in Batavia where I was born in 1947, my sister Naomie in Malang 1945 and my brother Errol 1944.

Oma (Mathilde) and my family came to Holland after the war.  Tante Sis and Tante Eve(Coorengel) lived in S'Gravenhage also.

My mother Stephanie came to England, my aunt Thea (Dorothea) Canada and my uncle Paul to California.  Its all just amazing and  I really appreciate all your help.

Best wishes


Elly Kidd

@ Elly,

Thank you for your respons.

Please look at the following site and searching for Louis. You will find data of Victor Alexander Louis.

For other Louis family members as they lived for at least several month in Den Haag see

Kind regards,


Ben Wegman

Hello Elly,

today i visited Myheritage while looking for surname Rahaju  ​and got a direct hit at the Coorengel website.

I am working for many years for a big pedigree for the surname BECKX in Java and one of the persons i found is Rahaju who had a relationship with Emelia BECKX  born 19-12-1914 at Solo Surakartra died 01-03- 1978 Zeist the Netherlands, she had 1 son and i met her once in the Netherlands in the house of my Father in Law Nico Beckx

At your website i found that you may have more details of both persons Emelia BECKX and ? Rahaju including 7 brothers and sisters of Emelia and her ancestors of  Rebel.

I do have some Letters from the Red Cross about WWII about Emelia.

I would very much appreciate when we could change our details of both Families.


looking forward to hear from you soon


John Snackers

John Snackers

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