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De reclame wordt alleen getoond aan bezoekers, niet aan gebruikers die inloggen.
I would like to view episodes of the program "Verborgen verleden" but am not able due to living in Canada.  Does anyone know of a website that has the past episodes that I can watch?  Bedankt.

W. Croft


Unfortunately, the website won't let me watch the episodes because I'm outside the viewing area (outside Nederland).  I was hoping there was another website that had episodes that didn't restrict viewers from outside Nederland.

W. Croft

Maybe should try and just send an email to the NTR, who has broadcasted this programme. Maybe they can help you out.

Marije Essink

I apologize that this is written in english, I was born in Nederland, read dutch but my writing in dutch is not great.  Please don't delete my post because it's written in english.....I doubt they will make it viewable to people outside Nederland.  In the U.S. the program "Who Do You Think You Are?" is also restricted to viewers outside the country.  I can watch their program on tv when it is aired, but can't on their website to watch it later.

W. Croft

Or may be someone can send it to you by mail, if you indicate date and time.


Erik Berends

The first season of Verborgen verleden is being rebroadcasted daily from today on on the Dutch tv channel Nederland 2. The episodes are also broadcasted on the digital channel HollandDoc. They also have a live stream:

The program guide is under the picture. The times are Central European Time of course. From tuesday on the episodes are broadcast twice daily. Hopefully this works for you in Canada.

Stefan Lambregts

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