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In 2013, Jean-Jacques Wybo asked a question

I am looking for any information about the same Oscar Wybo. Responses in above mentioned forum discussion suggest Oscar Wybo 1895-1973 died in MI,USA. That must be a different person; since he married 1923 in Detroit to Marie Parmentier.

The Oscar Wybo I am interested in was married Simonne Wauters.
Simonne was born 9-Feb-1903 in Gent.
The margin note says she married in 1923 to Oscar Louis Gerard Emiel Wybo.

In 1963; Simonne married John Vereyken in Sask, Canada. You can find more information about her here:

Family in Canada know Oscar Wybo and Simonne Wauters had at least two children that stayed in Belgium when Simonne emmigrated to Canada. Names of these two children match two of three names mentioned by Jean-Jacques in his 2013 query above. They might still be living.

Is anyone able to find anything about Oscar Louis Gerard Emiel Wybo?

Frank Bax

one family tree on GeneaNet lists 5 children from the Wybo-Wauters marriage, though details are not published for privacy reasons [here]; you could contact the owner of the tree for further details. Alternatively, you could contact the Archive in Gand - ominously called the Black Box -  to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate from 1923: [e-mailadres verborgen] [e-mailadres verborgen]

Peter B

Thank you Peter. I saw the page on geneanet; a message was sent May27 to the tree owner Jacques Bitterlin. No response.

Frank Bax

In MyHeritage (a personal tree) I could find one son:

Name: Jean Jacques Wybo

Born: 1 June 1924, Gent

Death: 3 January 1944, Karwinowka (war victim)


For father Oscar it shows:

Born: 7 August 1900, Roeselare

Death: 19 May 1962, Roeselaere

This would fit the re-marriage date of Simone. Is it known when she migrated to Canada?


Click here for the birth certificate of Oscar Louis Gerard Emiel Wybo. 

Johanna C.

Thank you Arnaud & Johanna!

John Vereyken and Simonne Wauters were married Apr-1963 in Canada.
* John's first wife died Jun-1962.
* Simonne's first husband died May-1962.

I don't know exactly when Simonne came to Canada; but know John went back to The Netherlands looking for another wife and met Simonne on the boat (not clear which direction).

It all fits!

Frank Bax

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