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Hi Ruth.
Just received your friends invitation, but apparently I'm only able to respond after being a member over one month :-(
I'll have to wait some days until I can respond thru PM.
Meantime I will prepare to try and write a clarifying message about the difference between DeSaegher (US way of writing names with capitals), Desaegher (French, Dutch and Flemish writing without a second captial "S") and "de Saegher" (two words without a capital D, also French, Dutch/Flemish).
I'll send it thru PM as soon as the forum rules allow me to.
Meanwhile I will try and collect some websites about possible ways where to search in Belgium and France for the name Desaegher.
Greetz Leo.

Leo 2 - 9 okt 2020 — 09:02

Greetz Leo,

You can reach me at . Let me know if I can look up anything for you on this end to help your research. I'm kind of a genealogy nut. LOL

Yes, I know French would be de Saegher :) And it could easily be misspelled in records!

Ruth DeSaegher - 9 okt 2020 — 20:25 (laatst bijgewerkt 12 okt 2020 — 18:34 door auteur)

I would tip on Belgium, West-Vlaanderen region. The name De Saegher can be found in that period pretty often in the area of Poperinge. I couldn't find him in that city but would recommend checking the decennial tables of surrounding villages. I also checked Beveren-Ijzer and Roesbrugge-Haringe already, because I found a few Desaegher's there, but no Joannes Baptiste.

Arnaud - 10 okt 2020 — 17:08

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