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I am looking for information on a male Belgian Male Artist/Painter - "E. VERHAEGHE".  I inherited some very large paintings.  I remember my mother saying that he was in the family, but I do not know how he fits.  He signed his paintings with just "E. Verhaeghe - 1915".  I used to have a photo of him with an artists pallette, but it went missing after one of my moves.  I would love to know how he fits in our Goetkint-Geerts family.  I've tried emailing some of the studios in Antwerp, but noone has any answer.

Monique Chamberlain - 22 sep 2020 — 22:58 (laatst bijgewerkt 23 sep 2020 — 10:49 door moderator)

As he is not mentioned in this database 
he did not earn a living as an artist.
Which means, that he cannot be found this way, as his surname is very common.

Cees van Gent 1952 - 23 sep 2020 — 13:02 (laatst bijgewerkt 23 sep 2020 — 13:33 door auteur)


Monique Chamberlain - 25 sep 2020 — 05:20

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