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Im looking for a deceased aunt Alida Smoorenburg, she was born to my grandparents 6 months after their marriage which took place on 11-09-1912. Her fathers name was Anthony Johan Smoorenburg 22 and Mijntje van Egmond 21 ages at the time of their marriage.

Alida the the first born of 11 children, my mother told me before her passing that Alida was born on March 8th, 1913. she only knew she was married on 1st of April 1935 and as per a side note on her marriage registration to Johannes de Goede, she was divorced from him on June 4th 1965. Another note, he was an unrecognized son, not sure if that is important but references also say last name (the Good)? 

I am not able to find her Birth registration, Death, or any possible children or remarriage or places she may have lived.

My Grandmother was a mid-wife but when she started, I'm not sure. I see from records of other children's birth and death that they lived in Korte Rozendaal, Utrecht. I see her following child another aunt's birth was registered 2-24-1914, another in 1915 and so on.

Any help or advise as to where to research would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Shirley Hohm (Wenting)

Shirley Hohm-nee (Wenting) - 22 feb 2021 — 02:57 (laatst bijgewerkt 22 feb 2021 — 21:08 door moderator)

the Archives of Utrecht "omitted" to index one single register volume with birth records... and it's exactly the one you need: volume 153-03 ☺

[here] is the birth record though (#692), with the birth date you provided it was not an endless quest

Peter B - 22 feb 2021 — 03:42 (laatst bijgewerkt 22 feb 2021 — 03:52 door auteur)

on an ancient forum a user posted some relevant information on Alida Smoorenburg [here].

Her 2nd marriage was published in the Utrechts Nieuwsblad d.d. 13.10.1966 [here]

and the notice of her death:

Afbeeldingen zijn alleen zichtbaar als u bent ingelogd op het Stamboom Forum

Peter B - 22 feb 2021 — 04:48

Thank you very much Peter B you are wonderful, I really appreciate the help you gave me. I have been searching for her off and on for a number of years now.  I'm very grateful for this help. 



Shirley Hohm-nee (Wenting) - 22 feb 2021 — 05:35

Anneke 2 - 22 feb 2021 — 10:05 (laatst bijgewerkt 22 feb 2021 — 10:20 door auteur)

in addition to @Anneke2's post: 1935 [here] and 1949 [here]

Peter B - 22 feb 2021 — 15:28

Thank you again Peter, you have been once again most helpful. Many smiles sent your way.

Shirley Hohm-nee (Wenting) - 22 feb 2021 — 18:31

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