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I am trying to locate contemporaneous records of Birde Ydses of 17th-century Akkrum. I have seen the following information posted online "Birde Ydses - x wrsch < 1620, in 1640 Akkrum SC 43." 

If someone could shed some light on what records/documents this person appeared in, I would sincerely appreciate it very much.  On Family Search, I looked for 1640 Akkrum SC 43, and I could not locate the relevant entry.  See here:

Gratitude and regards in advance.

In the meantime, the following family structure was presented:

Birde Ydses:
*Ids Birdes x Sij Botes Nijdam
*Siebren Birdes x Aafke Botes Nijdam: 3 zn 5 dr: Reinu, Nieske, Gertie, Suike, Frouck
*Wlck Birdes x Jan Gerryts x 1645, beiden Irnsum
> Frouk Jans x Oene Frericks x 1671, zij Irnsum hij Grouw - 1698 gebr stem 18 en met zoon eig. stem 19 Grouw - Peen
>>> Birde Oenes x Jeltje Jelles 1694 - wed. in 1728 gebr SC 19 Grouw, eig. Nieske Idzes
>>>>> Ibel Birdes x Oene Frericks 1738

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 26 sep 2021 — 03:20 (laatst bijgewerkt 26 sep 2021 — 05:08 door auteur)

"SC" may refer to the Stemkohier, a tax register, of the grietenij Uteringadeel to which Akkrum belongs [here]

Peter B - 26 sep 2021 — 10:45

Steve, please don't put the same question in two different forums without mentioning this.

Petra - 26 sep 2021 — 12:36

Petra: My apologies for the slight oversight in not mentioning I posted it in another forum.  Since I didn't receive much of a reply on Birde, I would try here.  On another note, I have been grieving over the recent passing of my eldest brother, so I kindly ask that you please cut me a little slack:

Peter B:  I went through all of the entries from Akkrum, and I didn't find Birde.  Unsure where to turn to next.  Thanks for trying to be helpful.

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 26 sep 2021 — 13:32

There is a "Birde Inties, koper te Goingarijp"; "patroniem onzeker" ( 'Birde Inties, buyer at Goingarijp' 'patronym unsure') to be found here in 1606. This document apparently has got extensive waterdamage. Goingarijp and Akkrum are only 6 km apart:

Afbeeldingen zijn alleen zichtbaar als u bent ingelogd op het Stamboom Forum

Also, in 1610, another document from the same waterdamaged source or archive, mentioning 'Birde' and 'Sijbolt Birdes' (= Siebren Birdes??). Interpretation of this document apparently is very unsure as to who is playing what role.

And in 1634, a Birde Intes living Roordahuizum (~10 km north of Akkrum) marries Nin Jelmers.

The above data may be far fetched. But since records are scarce every avenue should be explored I think.

-Bart- - 27 sep 2021 — 16:10

Hi Bart:  Thanks for checking.  You weren't kidding about the water damage.  Wow!  I think you are correct.  The records are scarce on this particular person.  

Steve Barnhoorn 2 - 27 sep 2021 — 17:54

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