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I am looking for information on the vital statistics of my immigrant ancestors for the periods that they were in Suriname and also their earlier history from Amsterdam, Netherlands and before.  I will greatly appreciate any assistance that you could give me about this.

I am certain of the information regarding my third great grandfather through immigrant documentation.  The rest is history relayed to me by a former pen pal in Suriname.  

My 3rd great Grandfather: Isaac Jacob Soesman was born in Paramaribo, Suriname (Dutch Guyana), South America July 2, 1817 and died September 28, 1892 in Boston, MA, USA.

My 4th great Grandfather: Jacob Isaac Soesman was born in Paramaribo, Suriname (Dutch Guyana), South America August 16, 1787.

My 5th  great Grandfather: Isaac Jacobz Soesman was born in Paramaribo, Suriname (Dutch Guyana), South America 1763 and died there 1794.

My 6th  great Grandfather: Jacob Soesman was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands and died in Paramaribo, Suriname November 1, 1790.

Patricia Gibson

Op 5.4.1761 werd in Amsterdam begraven een kind van Isaac Soesman, genaamd Jacob, wonende op de "Prinsegraft" over de Westerkerk.

G. Karssenberg

Jacob Soesman (eerdere vrouw: Anna Benjamijns) ondertrouwde op 24.3.1747 in Amsterdam met Schoontje Keijser. 

G. Karssenberg

Jacob Levij Susman/Soesman en Anna Benjamins ondertrouwden in Amsterdam op 31.1.1732.

G. Karssenberg

Thank you.  I think that this is not my Jacob, as the Jacob in my tree was in Suriname and having children between 1758-1780.  I believe that he may have had one child in Amsterdam named Benjamin Soesman, though.

I believe his wife to be named: Sara Emanuel Benjamins.

Patricia Gibson

My file shows that his wife was Sara Emanuel Benjamins, do you think this is the same as your Anna?  If so, did she die?

Did the new wife immigrate with Jacob to Suriname?  

My records show that he had 9 children in Suriname from 1758-1780?  Do know where these birth records may be and if they are accessible online?

I believe the Children born to this Jacob: 

Benjamin b.1750

Eliazer Jacob b.1758 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Isaac Jacobz b. 1763 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Sipora Jacob b. Feb 19, 1767 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Isay Jacob b. 1768 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Emanuel Jacob b. 1770 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Rachel Jacob b. 1770 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Hanna Jacob b. September 18, 1774 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Abigail Jacob b. June 11, 1778 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Judith Jacob b. July 3, 1780 in Paramaribo, Suriname

Patricia Gibson

I think that this cannot be my Jacob, as I have his date of birth for 1730.  

Unless all my data is wrong!

Patricia Gibson

Hi patricia, there were probably more Soesman families in Surinam at the time. If you look at this one, who also was connected to a firm in Boston? Might have been family

Christel Monsanto

Dear Christel,

Thank you for your reply.  I have looked at the link for Salomon Soesman Jr.  Although this relationship is possible, I am not able to establish it.  My relative that immigrated to Boston, came in1836 which seems to be well before Salomon established his business there.  My Isaac Jacob did not seem to have a connection to an established trade in Boston as his occupations included: Cabinet Maker, Carriage Painter, Piano Forte Worker, Mariner, and Doctor.  

Cheers, Patricia

Patricia Gibson

Hi, Patricia,

I think that this may be a link to the great grandparents that you are looking for. Not all their kids are listed, but it does show that two of them made it to the U.S.

Good luck,


Claudia Stibbe Ericksen

Hi Patricia,


Just stumbled upon a transcription of passenger lists from 1838 at

which may be very interesting to you. Some records:

56     15     Juny     Soesman Isag Jacob                  N/A brik Charles     J. Rowe           Noord America
43               Mei      Soesman Eliazer                         Verwagting              H.K. Hillers      Nederland
44               Mei      Soesman Salomon Nicolaas     Verwagting               H.K. Hillers     Nederland

See also: and: which may (or may not) reveal more.

If I make my calculations correctly Isaac Jacob made this voyage when he was just about becoming 21 years of age. Remarkable.

Good hunting!

bart rietkerk

I can add an answer to one of your questions: "Do know where these birth records may be and if they are accessible online?"

Yes, at least part of these records can be found here:

Interesting for you may be archive item numbers:

5) Marriages 1742 - 1778 mei

6) Marriages 1778 juni - 1817

7) Marriages 1735-1742

These marriages concern both the Portugese and German Jews

18) Births Portugese Jews 1777-1828

19) Deaths Portugese Jews 1777-1827

20) Births German Jews 1773-1833

21) Deaths German Jews 1773-1838

44) Alphabetic register Births Portugese Jews 1727-1777 en 1662-1723.

Just as a test I located Hanna Jacob b. September 18, 1774 in Paramaribo, Suriname. It is item number 20, scan number 4, left page, bottom half.

Transcription (which are given below the scans already) "15 september 1774: Sara Emanuel Benjamins, huijsvrouw van Jacob Soesman een dogter gebaart, genaemt Hana" which translates to  English "September 15th 1774 Sara Emanuel Benjamins, housewife of Jacob Soesman gave birth to a daughter called Hana"

And scan 6, left, at the bottom "11 juni 1778: Sara Emanuel Benjamin, huijsvrouw van Jacob Soesman, een dogter gekraamt, genaamt Abigaiel"

The scans are very readable as far as I have seen them, so you can read their names written.


bart rietkerk


Number 21,

scan 8 "1 november 1790: Jacob [Isaac] Soesman"

scan 9 "16 april 1794: Isak Soesman Jbz. [Isaac Jacob Soesman]"

bart rietkerk

Some other transcriptions and indexes, probably partly on the same sources, are here:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

bart rietkerk

Thank you.  That was helpful information.

Patricia Gibson

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