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I am investigating the life of one Ludwig Briant, native of Stockholm Sweden. Born around 1665 he was in the beginning of a naval officer career in Sweden, when he left for the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie sometime around 1685. Allegedly, according to Swedish court records, he would have died abroad in 1687 or the following years (not later than 1690). The VOC by then would have owed him 231 gulden in pending salary. I do not know whether he was on a war ship or on a merchant vessel, but his education was as a petty officer in the Swedish navy. There had been some correspondence on this matter between 1687 and 1690.

I wonder how I should go about finding any information about this man.

Lars-Olov Eriksson

You could ask someone at the National Archives of the Netherlands. They do have a large collection concerning the VOC.

Here's the link in English:

Good luck!



Here's the link in English:


Lars, no answer about your question, but i found only this: Sweden Baptisms.   (Family Search)

Anna Maria BRIANT

Christening date: 14-feb.-1664

Christening place: JAKOB OCH JOHANNES, Stockholm Sweden

Father's name: Ludewick BRIANT

DHv. E.

Anna Maria is a sister of this Hans. She is easy to follow in Stockholm.


Had I lived in Holland, VOC may not have been so difficult. I have followed the father of Hans, named Ludwig, in the authorties for the Swedish navy, tons of documents, several hundreds of findings. But you must sit down with the 40 cm thick books and figure out how it is organized. I cannot ask the VOC archives to do this for me, it would cost a fortune. But sometimes there are easily accessed registers, so I shall send a question to them and hope for the best.

Lars-Olov Eriksson

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