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Dear all,

In the following picture, which is a muster roll from the ship Wassenaer of 1794 ( - page 220), I believe the text circled in red indicates that the person in question came from another ship, namely "der Linden" (or "ter Linden"). I am unable to find relevant muster rolls from that ship (from 1794) - would anyone have any idea?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Krabbings - 23 mar 2022 - 22:23 (laatst bijgewerkt 23 mar 2022 — 22:32 door auteur)

I suppose you are looking for a ship of the VOC. I found this ship Hof ter Linden . More  information on

Nicolette Jentink - 24 mar 2022 - 07:35

it says "v[a]n d[e]r Linden" and it's probably not a ship name, other similar entries in the register indicate e.g. Mulder, van der Mark, Frapic, Esser

Peter B - 24 mar 2022 - 08:58

Thank you, both. 

Nicolette: Thank you. From what I understand of the information on the vocsite (Google translate!), it indicates that the ship Hof ter Linden was in use by the VOC until 1789 - am I right to understand that the website does not say what happened to it later?

Peter B: Interesting, thank you. Then I wonder of course what it could refer to? Could it be for example some sort of millitary commands/leaders? I.e. that those could be names of generals/troup leaders or something similar? I was already wondering about that - in general I've gotten the impression that the ship's names were quite often either names of places (e.g. ship Wassenaer) or persons (e.g. ship Blok), which confuses me a little.

Trying all ways to find tracks of this person... so all help much appreciated.

Krabbings - 24 mar 2022 - 09:27

This is not a VOC muster roll. It is an 'Admiraliteits' muster roll. Comparable to today's navy.

"Trying all ways to find tracks of this person... so all help much appreciated." ==> (omitted, was not relevant)

-Bart- - 24 mar 2022 - 10:32 (laatst bijgewerkt 24 mar 2022 — 10:50 door auteur)

Looking again I think you mean Hendrik Filip Caarl (Caatl?). 

(I am absolutely not certain of the last name here so I'll swap my 'take ' on this for a more plausible reading immediately)

PS1: He is for sure a 'matroos' (sailor), as before his name is written 'do' - for ditto - meaning 'the same as the person above': matroos Fredrik Walburg.

PS2: Could the names in the left margin (like 'vn dr Linden') be names of recruiters since the same names keep popping up throughout this muster roll?

-Bart- - 24 mar 2022 - 10:36 (laatst bijgewerkt 24 mar 2022 — 11:09 door auteur)

Bart: Thank you. Yes, sorry for being unclear: It is the person "Hendrick Filip Caarl" I am trying to figure out.

That about recruiters and navy is interesting. If he is on a navy ship, although a sailor, would you know if could I expect to find him in some kind of drafting/conscription protocol (or any other document admitting him to the military/navy)? I'm thinking there must have been some sort of procedures in order to do a check-up on persons that were to be put on navy ships - perhaps the "der Linden" refers to a person who functioned as a recruiter/guarantor in that context.

Krabbings - 24 mar 2022 - 11:47

"would you know...". => No. Just flying by the seat of my pants here. I have some experience in VOC documents, but not with these. Just trying to read, observe, interpret. Some observations:

1) Clear difference in who is a (marine) soldier, and who is a sailor for instance, as indicated by the given 'jobtitles'.

2) Sometimes there is written PB and an amount instead of a name (of a supposed recruiter). PB meaning 'Personal Bonus', as in this person brought himself on? If neither a name or PB I suspect 'continuation of service'.

3) The supposed recruiter names seem to appear in batches. Suggesting they were out hiring people, and then brought them on. Have not scanned the whole document on this. The 'batch' that Caarl is in has got names like Kreuger, Stolting, Leelee, Popp, Kleste(?) Predominantly German sounding. The next 'batch' names like Robbinson, Don, Alston - English sounding.

4) So I still suppose van der Linden was a recruiter, maybe specializing in finding people on foreign ships.

5) It would not surprize me if it would appear that Hendrik Filip Caarl is of German - or maybe Scandinavian - origin.

-Bart- - 24 mar 2022 - 12:12

Thank you again, most interesting. I will try and have a look at the other persons that could be recruited by van der Linden, perhaps at least some of them share a sort of background somehow (same previous ship, same place where recruited etc.). 

Krabbings - 24 mar 2022 - 13:07


I've scanned the different indexes on VOC personnel for Hendrik Filip Caarl [ and in quite a few variations in spelling ] and I have not found someone with a similar name in the relevant period. So unless there are aliasses that we are not aware of I am quite positive this guy will not be found on board a VOC ship.

I also did a quick check here: This site has got some databases with WIC personnel. No luck here either.

-Bart- - 24 mar 2022 - 13:24

Great, thanks. I presume "Caarl" must simply be some kind of patronym - it's not an easy name to search.

Krabbings - 24 mar 2022 - 13:32

Yup. I've done searches with various given names, and then Ca* or Ka*. And the easiest assumption is 'Carl' as patronym, which is sort of common as a last name in Germany. No names found coming near...

-Bart- - 24 mar 2022 - 15:04

In Amsterdam some persons with the name 'Caarl' can be found. All Lutherans (indicative for German heritage):

Voornaam  Achternaam Rol                    Datum         Plaats         Bron
Georg        Caarl            Vader                06-08-1741 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
Leendert    Caarl           Getuige              15-06-1760 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
Jan Willem Caarl           Geregistreerde  15-11-1760 Amsterdam Notariële archieven 
Jan Willem Caarl           Geregistreerde  08-06-1770 Amsterdam Notariële archieven 
Leenhard   Caarl            Vader                14-04-1771 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
Leendert    Caarl            Geregistreerde  07-11-1777 Amsterdam DTB Begraven

Leenhard / Leendert is also known as 'Kaarl'

Voornaam Achternaam Rol         Datum        Plaats          Bron
Leenhart   Kaarl            Getuige 16-05-1762 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
Leenhart   Kaarl            Getuige 28-10-1763 Amsterdam DTB Dopen

George and Leenhard also as 'Carl'

Voornaam Achternaam Rol             Datum        Plaats          Bron
Georg       Carl              Vader         27-07-1734 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
Georg       Carl              Vader         16-08-1744 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
George     Carl              Getuige      22-12-1751 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
Georg       Carl              Getuige      04-12-1754 Amsterdam DTB Dopen 
Georg       Carl              Bruidegom 27-02-1795 Amsterdam Ondertrouwregister

Leonhard  Carl              Getuige     16-02-1752 Amsterdam DTB Dopen

Use this index to look for yourself: 

I have not found a 'Hendrik Filip' or similar. But als least this is a confirmation of my assumptions that he might be German, and his name may also be spelled as 'Carl'.

-Bart- - 24 mar 2022 - 16:57

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