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Profiel afbeelding

According to the Groningen trouw akte of 1748, the couple both hailed from "Blie." I can't find Blie anywhere in The Netherlands so I'm assuming it's short for something but what???? Many thanks in advance. 

Kitty Morris

An uneducated guess: Blijham


rgds, Sylvia


Or: Bliekersgang (now possibly Blekersgang in Groningen)


Of course there has to be a Blekerstraat in Groningen, so another option


Thank you. I'll look into it and hopefully will turn up something. Cheers!

Kitty Morris

Blie or Bly? (Or Blye, Blya, Blije, village near Holwerd). Nowadays part of municipality Ferwerderadeel (Friesland).

W. van der Kooij

 I've found them!!!  It would not have occured to me to go searching for them in Friesland. Thank you for your help. Cheers!

Kitty Morris

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