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Hello! I have an interesting scenario in my family's history that I'd like to get an opinion about:

My third great-grandfather, Gerardus Hosman, who was married to Ardina Versfelt, lived in Amsterdam from 1878 to 1899. He was born in Schiedam in 1847 and was married in Rotterdam in 1878.

In 1897, Ardina died, and Gerardus was remarried to Geeske Thenus de Jong in July 1899. About a month later, in August, Gerardus died of stomach cancer. Gerardus left six living children all under the age of 20: Wijna (19), Wilhelmus (15), Ardina (13), Ida Maria (11), Wilhelmina (7), and Adriana Elizabeth (3).

Under Dutch law at the time, what would have been the protocol regarding the children regarding who their guardian would be following their father's death? As far as I know, Gerardus left no will. However, if there is an archive that may house wills in Amsterdam, please let me know so I can contact them. Also, would there have been any legal proceeding following Ardina Versfelt's death to reinforce the guardianship of the children to their father?

To finish the story, all of the children, except Wijna and Ida Maria, immigrated to America in March 1900. They had a couple of aunts living there, and it is where I live now. This leaves a gap of seven months in between their father's death and the immigration. 

I'm interested in knowing what transpired between those months from a legal standpoint. Are there records in the Amsterdam Archive that might be useful that anyone knows of, or would there be another location where the legal record would be kept? Was the situation as easy as a judge placing the care of the children in Geeske's hands, or would there be other options?

Hopefully this makes sense! If not, I can try to be more clear with my objectives.

Thank you for your time and help in advance, and I look forward to your replies!

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Ardina Hosman 2-7-1886 lives from 30-12-1899 til 16-11-1903 with her "grandparents" Jacob Henstra en Anna Elisabeth van Diemen, from there she moved to Amerika.  Remark  kl.d. means kleindochter

joop sijmons - 24 aug 2020 - 22:52

Thank you for your reply! Neither Jacob nor his wife were related to the Hosman family, but were members of the same church in Amsterdam. Also, the date of her departure is incorrect, as I have proof of her and her siblings traveling in March 1900. I suppose it's possible that she may have returned to Amsterdam and then left for America again in 1903, but I have no record of such event taking place.

All that being said, it appears that the living children were assigned a guardian by a district judge following the deaths of their parents. Does anyone know where such records might exist?

Matt 2 - 25 aug 2020 - 05:01

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