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I get a javascript error instead of the children of a couple appearing.  What to do so the children will appear?

John Van Slooten

Hi John, can you upload a screenshot of the error?

Yolanda Lippens

How do I upload? Thank You

John Van Slooten

To upgrade you can go to

Yolanda Lippens






John Van Slooten

Could you provide the URL of the page the error occurs on?

Which browser do you use?

Bob Coret

Hi, I'm experiencing the same thing. When I click on "=" a white box appears with no information. I've tried to log in using multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi) and on mulitiple computers (linux and mac), but the same thing happens every time. I've tried many couples too, also people who are not my family.

Since the automatic children search is the reason I have decided to have a paid subscription it is rather disappointing. Can you help?

Christa de Groot

Hello John, I correct myself: I meant how to upload see

@Christa, can you also upload a screenshot of the issue?

Yolanda Lippens

Hi Yolanda,

Here are the images:

Mouseover (works fine):

After click (does not work):

These are my late grandparents by the way, but it does not work with any couple I try.

Christa de Groot

Thank you for the screenshots, it has our attention and will be investigated.

Yolanda Lippens

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