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De reclame wordt alleen getoond aan bezoekers, niet aan gebruikers die inloggen.

Joannes "Jan" Koopman was born 1778? in Lathen Germany.  Died Jul 3, 1813 in den Helder, North Holland. Married Joanna Brunselaar Apr 18, 1795. Children: Cornelia (1796) Hendrik (1797) Anna Elisabeth (1799) all in Velsen North Holland. Can anyone help me with additional details such as parents, grand parents etc.?

Harald Petersen

Deze vraag is al eerder gesteld!


De suggestie is toen gedaan, om de vraag in het Duitsland-forum te stellen.

As per JP Ouweltjes suggestion, I have placed an inquiry re Jan Koopman in the German forum

Wat er al bekend is:

Jan Clavaux

I find new three infants baptism: R.K. / R.C. (Roman Catholic)

Anna Elizabeth Koopman, 03-05-1801 at Amsterdam, get. Fredericus Wamelink and Joanna Faanik.      Anna Elizabeth Koopman married on 07-05-1834 te Amsterdam with Theodorus Barensma, baptism on 09-06-1775 te Deventer.

Catharina Koopman, baptism on 07-12-1802 at Amsterdam, get. Ernestus Frederik and Catharina Walboria. Catharina Koopman married on       30-07-1834 te Amsterdam with Jan de Ridder, born 13-03-1803 and baptism on 18-03-1803 te Amsterdam.

 Joannes Koopman, baptism on 21-12-1807 at Amsterdam, get. Matheus Crogte and Elizabeth Dons.

The parents are, from the three child's: Joannes (Jan) Koopman and Martha Brunselaar.

Sorry, i have no answer, about the parents from Joannes (Jan) Koopman.

DHv. E.

Thanks for the information. We'll just have to keep looking for the parents of Johannes "Jan" Koopman

Harald Petersen

From the earlier item it is known that they married at Velsen in 1795 and that they both lived there then (message from JP Ouweltjes). There are acts of indemnity for those who wanted to settle at Velsen (including some German ones) but I don't see theirs amongst these. It's true I only had a quick look and did not go back further than 1790. I suppose not everyone had to hand these in anyway though and don't know what happened to these when the person involved left the town (even for Amsterdam, where I seem to recall these documents were not required). link

Peter S

Hullo Harald, the real information about the marriage from: Jan Koopman and Martha Brunselaar, from Family Search (F.S.)

Book: Trouwen 1777-1825,          R.K.  03-05-1795 te Santpoort (gem. Velsen),                Image nr. 22   (50)

Book: index Trouwen 1777-1815, R.K.  03-05-1795 te Santpoort (gem. Velsen),                Image nr.   34 (86)

Book: Schepentrouwboek 1750-1811,   03-05-1795 te Velsen, (all conviction/persuasion) Image nr. 151 (202)


Book: Marriage cost (Impost/Gaarders) 18-04-1795 te Velsen, classis "Pro-Deo", Image nr. 329 (371)

DHv. E.

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