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Hello all,

Please forgive my English. I cannot write Dutch.

I need help, please, with the Rangeer Lijst saowel te paard als te voet van de compagnie van der Major van Heckeren in het Regiment Cavallerie van den Generaal Major Van Stocken. The year is 1781.

All of the men are ranked according to some measurements.  But what is being measured? And why?

First the Rangeering te Paard. The measurement is of "hoogte den paarden" in units of "palm, duim, and streek." I understand these units.  Then there is another column for "onderdom." I do not understand "onderdom."  For example, the first soldier in this ranking has these measurements:  15 palm, 3 duim, 2 streek, 12 onderdom.  What is being measured? What is onderdom?

Second is Rangeering te Voet.  The measurement here is of "Lengte op [konken]"  Sorry, I cannot read that last word.  Any ideas what that word is, and what it means?  The units of measurement here are "voet, duim, streek, and onderdom."  In this category the first soldier in ranking is 5 voet, 11 duim, 3 streek, 19 onderdom. Again, what is being measured?

If anyone can help me understand what is being measured, and what is the usefulness of this ranking, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

Gordon Tans, USA

Gordon Tans

Ouderdom = age, Lengte op sokken = not wearing shoes

Frank Fransz

Hello Gordon,

English is no problem in this discussion group. Do you have an Internet link (URL) where we can see this rangeerlijst? If we can see the original, it may be easier to help. The word "onderdom" you use does not exist in Dutch. But the word "ouderdom" means age. 'n' and 'u' look very much the same in texts. Now a soldier with an age of 9 or 12 doesn't make any sense, but how about the number of years in the service?
I don't know the list and have no experience with similar lists, so this is only a suggestion.


p.s. I see that Frank Fransz just beat me to it.


I could not upload the file using the stamboom forum interface.

So I put a copy on Google Drive.  You can view it using this link:


Gordon Tans

first colomn: Officieren, Wachtmeesters en Trompetters.
second column: men on horseback
third colomn: men on the ground

You can find in the second as well in the third column the same men.

Hoogte van paarden en ouderdom = Height of the horse and his age.

Lengte op kousen en ouderdom= Lenght of soldier on stockings and his age.

Rangeerlijst is the order in battle.(little ones in the front) or exercise.

Frank Fransz

Cavalerie Regiment von Stôcken


Are you familiar with this?

Landmacht: Officieren, Onderofficieren en Manschappen (Staatse Militairen), Achternaam: Thans

Period: 1707 1795

Achternaam Thans

Voornaam Hermanus

Wapen Cavalerie

Regiment Van Stöcken

Compagnie Van Heeckeren

Aard van de bron Afrekeningslijst

Laagste jaar 1777

Bronverwijzing Nummer toegang: 1.01.19, inventarisnummer: 1946

Frank Fransz

Thank you Frank and Michael,

I now understand the purpose and how to read this ranking!


Gordon Tans

Who would have suspected a ranking of height would include a critical piece of evidence I have been seeking for years! The age of Hermanus Tans, which I find ONLY here, is of extreme importance in approximating his birth date, which will in turn let identify clearly his parents and birthplace, at long last.

Thank you again.


Gordon Tans

Yes Frank, I do have that settlement list, but I do not understand its purpose. 

From the period of 7 May 1777 to 6 May 1778 Hermanus Thans has a debit of 147 Gld, 2 [?], 12 Pen.

What does this signify?  I assume he (and most of the others, too) owes some money. Why? For what?

Here is a link to the document on Google Drive:


Gordon Tans

the regiment owes to Hermanus Thans 51 Gulden 8 Stuivers and 14 Penningen, His salary. They had a contract and were professional soldiers.

Frank Fransz

I think this is a good candidate! Hermanus had a son named Caspar, and he was born about 1758.

eit ID 1934092
Type Doop
Bron Wolder, Marcus: DHO register 1748 - 1801
Feit datum 21-11-1757
Plaatsnaam Wolder
Dopeling Tans, Hermanus Geboortedatum=<=21-11-1757
Vader van de dopeling Tans, Casparis  
Moeder van de dopeling Thijssen, Catharina  
Doopgetuige vos, Gerardus  
Doopgetuige Jorissen, Elizabeth  
Transcriptie die 21ma 9bris baptisatus est herma= =nus filius casparis tans et catharinae thijssen conj[ugum] susc[eptores] gerardus vos et elizabeth jorissen
van de invoerder

Frank Fransz

Yes, I have known about the Hermanus born to Caspar Tans and Catharina Thijssen for more than 10 years.  I had many clues they might be the same family, but I just had no way to definitively say that baby Hermanus Tans was the same as the cavalryman Herm / Hermanus Tans / Thans.  There were too many Hermanus Tans / Thans / Taris candidates that I could not rule out.

But now having the age from the cavalry ranking -- 23 on 1 June 1781 -- I am now convinced beyond doubt that Hermanus Thans the cavalryman (who also appeared later in Utrecht) is the same individual as the baby born in Wilre-Montenaken on 27 Nov 1757.

Thank you for all your help.

Gordon Tans

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