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Hello all,

I'm sorry for writing in English. Hope it's acceptable. I can translate any answers into Dutch that is fine if you don't know English.

I have a major problem with Aldfaer. For a while it did not work - "error" - but after a week it came on again. Although I can add data, I can no longer produce any reports. 

Also the information for each person (on the left side - where you can add data) is now completely black - instead of showing their name, dates & places, parents/siblings it has black strips covering the info!! I can click and then write in new info, but I still can't view it.

Although it's still possible to add data (have been doing it like that for a few weeks) it is very frustrating to not be able to navigate properly or produce any reports.

Perhaps there is an update I have missed or something? An error I can fix?

I tried to add a screenshot but didn't work. Could trying emailing to anyone interested.

Haven't explained too well but maybe someone recognises the issue.


Many thanks!

Vriendelijke groeten




the best place to ask technical questions about Aldfaer is the aldfaer forum


A few month ago I had the same problem. See for (possible) solution

Below the text of the answer given by Han Kortekaas

1. open Aldfaer
2. ga naar instellingen bestanden (go to file settings) 
3. noteer de instellingen ( make a notice of these settings)
4. sluit Aldfaer (close Aldfaer)
5. surf naar het bestandje Aldfaer.cfg in de root van uw installatie (go to file Aldfaer.cfg in the root of your installation)
6, verwijder Aldfaer.cfg (remove Aldfaer.cfg)
7. Start Aldfaer (start Aldfaer)
8. kijk naar de Instellingen en wijzig eventueel naar de onder .3 genoteerde instellingen (control the settings and change if necessary to the settings notice under point 3.
9. ga naar Bestand - > Zoek Aldfaer bestanden en klik op de meest recente (go to file- search Aldfaer file)
10. Klik Open stamboom. 

Ben Wegman

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