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For the last 3 months or so, when I receive an email for "Matches in Other Publications" it shows thousands of possible matches.  I have selected the latest month (in this case May 2023), selected "has not been reviewed by you", "all publications".  This is what I have always done and usually there are may 300+ matches or thereabouts.  The current one (May 2023) is showing 2934 matches - which would take me years to get through and review, then the next month would come with thousands more perhaps.

Also, as an example, it is showing my match on the left with no parents, no children and no source citations, but when I go into the "Open Comparison Window" there is indeed parents, children and sources.  The tree on the other side (showing the matches in other person's tree) is correct.  I have submitted screenshots to show what I see.

I have sent an email to Bob Coret and messaged him on Messenger via Facebook - I have not received a reply since sending both about 3 months ago.  I always like to review each match as correct or not, but now, to do almost 3000 per month is really an impossible task, endless and to my mind, this is an error in the system - especially when the page also shows the errors below of no parents, no children etc, but it does show when you click on the Open Comparison Window.

I hope someone can help me.  I use Chrome browser - it is up to date.  I have used Safari and it is also up to date.  My computer is up to date.  I cannot think of anything else that could be causing this.  I would really appreciate some help - or even if someone can inform Bob Coret, that would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Liz van Gelder (New Zealand)

Afbeeldingen zijn alleen zichtbaar als u bent ingelogd op het Stamboom Forum

Afbeeldingen zijn alleen zichtbaar als u bent ingelogd op het Stamboom Forum

Liz van Gelder - 12 jun 2023 - 06:27

Hi Liz, so sorry to see you experience big problems with "Matches in Other Publications", in Dutch "aanknopingspunten".  Thanks for your clear explanation and screen shots. This isn't the first time users have problems with these matches. Here's another user experiencing trouble with "aanknopingspunten": More or less the same problems are described.

Yolanda Lippens and Bob Coret meet every 2 weeks to discuss all problems. So, please be patient.

Pauline Berens EBBI - 12 jun 2023 - 09:56

Hello Pauline

Thank you for your reply.  I had a look at the other person's problem - similar - but I see Bob has ended that forum by saying a change in code made it work again.  Unsure what worked again because that particular forum has more issues than I do.  If Bob and Yolanda meet every 2 weeks - it still does not explain why I have not heard back from Bob in almost 3 months.  I will try and be more patient, but I feel a little bit ignored.  I love this website, but things like this (no contact back at all) do put a sour note on things.  Hopefully now that my issue is in this forum, it will be answered - I wait with hope.  Thanks again Pauline.

Liz van Gelder - 12 jun 2023 - 10:17

You're welcome Liz, the owner of the "aanknopingspunten"-problem at

didn't mark his problem as being solved, so Bob knows the problem isn't solved yet completely, maybe partly though. 

Pauline Berens EBBI - 12 jun 2023 - 12:54

Indeed it is still on our list, although it seems to work correctly now. We will leave these topics open.

Yolanda Lippens - 26 jun 2023 - 14:59

Hello Yolanda - I went again today and it is working correctly for April 2023 (for me it shows 334 which is about average), plus the sources are showing correctly.  For May 2023 it is showing 2896 possible matches - at least 2000 more than usual per month - so I know this is incorrect because I still have the same amount of people in my tree and surely the matches cannot grow that much unless you had a massive intake of new family trees put on your site, and that most of them matched my tree - highly unlikely I think - but one thing has been fixed - the sources are actually showing correctly for May.

Maybe I should wait till the June one comes out - this may show correctly?

Liz van Gelder - 27 jun 2023 - 03:04

Hi Liz,

As you might have noticed ( ), I have experienced the same problem over and over and in more than one publication. First reported on this in 2019, I reviewed thousands of persons for a second and even third time and still the problem remains unsolved.

I have recently experienced the same issue with the reviewed WW2 victims as well: 
Upon Bob's request, I could prove his assumption that the @ID's might have changed, to be incorrect. No further response from Bob since April.

At the end, I have decided to give up this reviewing. My conclusion is that any information that is NOT in your own data (for example the conformation of these reviews), cannot be trusted to be kept correctly by Genealogie Online. Hence it is not worth investing any time in.

Jan Verkade - 27 jun 2023 - 12:28 (laatst bijgewerkt 27 jun 2023 — 12:48 door auteur)

Hello Jan

Thanks for your reply.  That does not sound promising that it will be fixed - very sorry to hear this.  I understand that I could also just stop reviewing and that would just fix the problem, but I do also like to see if I have missing data that others had - and I ALWAYS checked this new information with a reliable archive website or cemetery website etc before just entering the data.  So even if stopped doing the reviewing, it would take forever to do check the matches - 2896 checks in my previous month would take me forever - and that I would miss out on if this is not fixed.   But I understand what you are saying - such a pity that Bob does not answer his emails or posts on Facebook or helpdesk forums.  Even to get a response from him would be encouraging to know he is looking into it.

Kind regards

Liz van Gelder - 28 jun 2023 - 02:07

My large publication Henglias went in May from 0 to 21.881 matches that needed viewing. It was the second time that the issue occurred in this publication, after I did the confirmations all once again earlier this year and was completely up-to-date with the reviews.

Although the option of comparing those matches could be a very valuable features of GO, it fails because of this ongoing unreliability.
I simply have not the courage to start all over once more without the guarantee that the problem is fixed.

Afbeeldingen zijn alleen zichtbaar als u bent ingelogd op het Stamboom Forum

Jan Verkade - 28 jun 2023 - 09:49 (laatst bijgewerkt 28 jun 2023 — 09:52 door auteur)

Hello Jan - oh my, that is a huge amount of matches - something is very wrong all right.  And I agree with you - to start all over again without a guarantee that the problem will be fixed is a huge risk of your precious time.

I am feeling more confident now that it is not just me who is having this problem - at first I thought so.  I am sure there are even more out there who maybe have not read this forum or just simply gave up when a large number of matches presented itself.  I wonder when help will arrive?  I hope very soon.  Thanks Jan for adding your issue to this post.

Liz van Gelder - 29 jun 2023 - 01:31

Hello Liz,

When I lookup the match you mentioned I see the following:

Afbeeldingen zijn alleen zichtbaar als u bent ingelogd op het Stamboom Forum

The number of sources now correctly shows 3. These "difference numbers" have been an issue before (they were not updates after a complete monthly match run), but this was solved before you posted this issue.

The "difference numbers" don't show anything about children because in both publication Josepha has 3 children. In your publication Josepha doesn't have parents, the Josepha in the other publications has 2 parents.

Bob Coret - 21 jul 2023 - 16:52

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