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When working with Drenthe records, many times I've pulled up a digital record and the event date was missing from the screen.  If I went back to the Search results screen I could usually find the date and was able to proceed.

However, I've recently been back and forth between Noord-Brabant and Groningen records and am now finding digital records that are missing the name, date and place on the digital record screen and the Search results screen is missing dates as well.

Some examples:

* Cornelis van den Ansem (Noord Brabant) -- There are many records in the Search results screen with him listed as Father (of births & deaths), however there are no dates listed.  Click on any of these records and there is no name, date or place listed in header on the digital record.

* Frans Bakker (Veendam, Groningen) -- Many listings, but no dates listed on Search results screen, so finding MY guy is difficult, but click on any of the records without dates, and there is no name, date or place on the digital record screen.

I'm not sure if there is a problem linking (broken link) to certain archives or if this is an operator error when inputting? I've submitted several error reports, but since I'm finding many, many records like this, I don't think this is the most efficient way to sort out the problem.

Help please and thank you.


With which search program did you search?

ien lejeune

Openarchives or, I do all my searches in English if that makes a difference 


There are other search engines such as and and

Give this a try

ien lejeune

Thank you for the information, however FamilySearch uses Openarchives as its source (at least for Dutch records) if you wish to see a scan of the vital record and I have been using Wiewaswie since this problem came to light, but often they don't have records for certain towns or provinces that Openarchives does (and vice versa).

I'm pretty sure the issue is due to broken links to certain archives as the scan is there and the link to the individual archive is there with name, place & date, its just not appearing on Openarchives digital records. I've sent about a hundred individual record error reports already and I've sent an e-mail to Openarchives as well. I just don't know if there is another way to elevate the issue to get it fixed?


If I understand correctly, you will see the deed entered but you cannot click through after the scan?

Sometimes you also have to pay to see a scan. Maybe that's the problem?

ien lejeune

I am a paid subscriber to Openarchives and I have no problem with other records linked to Zuid-Holland, Utrecht, etc. Currently the issue is with records associated with Drenthe, Noord-Brabant and Groningen. Which makes me think it is a linking issue from Openarchives to the regional archives (i.e., AlleGroningers or Tilburg).

If you are familiar with Openarchives, you put in a name and search.  You then get a Search Results screen with births, marriages, and deaths associated with that name.  My problem is that there may be 30-40, or more, same names in the list that have no dates. I need to open each result to find out if it is the one I'm looking for, but when that digital record opens up there is no date there either.  Usually the header has name, date and place of event, and the body of the record has the detail (i.e., mother, father, etc.).  Currently the header will just say Birth or Death only.  No date anywhere on digital record.  I can click on the scan to figure it out, but I don't really wish to do this 10-20 times to make sure that this record is the one I am looking for. 


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